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A Coffee Blend that is "The Meaning of Life"

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It begins with a seed. Often buried under nutrient-rich volcanic soil, in shady mountains at high elevations. From there a tiny sprout buds up from the ground, eventually producing two more seeds wrapped in one cherry. These grow at different rates next to other cherries and flowers on the stem of a coffee plant.

At peak ripeness, the cherries are hand-picked by farmers to be processed and dried using water, air, and sun to remove their cascara fruit shells. The processed greenish seeds are known as green coffee beans.

Gathered from tropical regions near the equator of our planet, they are shipped to our roasting plant in the Pacific Northwest where our experienced master roaster brings the green beans to life. Using a skilled technique and after a delicate balance of time, heat and color, the freshly roasted coffee beans are immediately cooled and allowed to rest - where they can begin releasing the carbon dioxide trapped inside. This process is repeated with beans from other regions, giving each bean the proper time, temperature and attention it needs to fully develop.

After resting the coffee beans are blended together, bagged, labeled and shipped to your community, eventually being transformed into the delicious coffee which fills your cup. Every time you experience the nuanced honeycomb aroma in your cup of Meaning of Life, remember that it all begins with a seed.

For 35 years this has been our tradition.

For us, it’s become our Meaning of Life.

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