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How To Store Great Tasting Coffee

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

We all love great tasting coffee, and when you buy it from us you know that is what you will get. But how can you make sure it stays that way?

Coffee Hates Moisture

The number one way to ensure that your coffee continues to taste great is to keep it away from moisture. This seems easy as most will keep their coffee out of puddles and rain storms (harder than you might think in the Pacific Northwest), but there are a few places we don't think about as having lots of moisture.

Avoid the Fridge and Freezer

This all gets back to the moisture issue. Most refrigerators and freezers are notorious for high levels of moisture. While we won't say never put coffee here we will say that if you do make sure it is in an air-tight bag if you must.

Light and Heat are Good for Summer, Bad for Coffee

Lots and light and heat are also going to impact the taste of your coffee. Remember coffee is a food product that will go bad if not stored responsibly.

Where Can I Store My Coffee?

An airtight container that does not allow light in. Glass containers may showcase your coffee but won't help to keep it fresh. Keep your coffee dry, cool, and in the dark to maintain that great Caffé D'arte taste for up to 2 weeks, and if that is not possible host a brunch with 10 of your closest friends and we guarantee you won't have to worry about storing any coffee.

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