Caffé D'arte® Fundraiser
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» How the Caffé D'arte® Fundraiser Works
The Caffé D'arte fundraiser is a home and/or business delivery program. Your organization does not pick up the coffee and deliver to its destination. This is done for you by Caffé D'arte to make it a smooth transition.

The Caffé D'arte fundraising program acts as an "annuity" for your school/team. Once the customer signs up for the 12 month subscription, they usually remain customers for years and your team/school will continue to get a percentage of the purchase as long as they are a customer. The coffee is delivered monthly to their home and/or business. The customer is charged monthly for their purchase.

For more information or to order coffee from your school click here
» Questions or Information
For questions or information on how to join our fundraiser program:
Call: 206.762.4381 or 800.999.5334
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