Caffé D'arte® Accolades and Awards
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Caffé D'arte® Official Results At the N.W. Coffee Tasting

"Best Overall Coffee Award"

"Best Morning Coffee"

"Best After Dinner Coffee"
"Best Companion For Cognac" (twice)

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Puget Sound's "micro roasters" were pitted against some of the nations top coffee roasters headquartered in the Northwest for a "blind tasting" held at McCormick & Schmicks Seafood restaurant located in downtown Seattle.

Participating roasters included: Austin Chase Coffee, Boyds Coffee, Caffe Appasionato, Caffé D'arte, Lighthouse Roasters, Pegasus Coffee, Seattle's Best Coffee, Starbucks, Torrefazione Italia and Tully's Coffee.

The results of these blind tastings is that Caffé D'arte won five out of twelve awards. Best Overall Coffee, Best Morning Coffee, Best After Dinner Coffee and Best Companion For Cognac (twice) for its exquisite Gourmet Drip Special Blend and Meaning Of Life coffee blends!

After this impressive award winning history, in 1996 and 1997, Mauro Cipolla, the Vice-President of Caffé D'arte was asked by the promoters not to compete, but to judge the other roasters in future tastings!
» Caffé D'arte® Rave Reviews

"Best Espresso"
The Weekly Readers Poll

"Best Coffee To Contemplate The Meaning Of Life"
KIRO Radio and Travel Holiday Voting Survey

"Wonderfully Rich And Deep"
Atlantic Monthly

"Aaaahh! Caffé D'arte® Bubbles to the Top in Taste Test"
Valley Daily News blind tasting

"The Best Is Found At Caffé D'arte®"
KIRO News poll

"Caffé D'arte® Roasts Much Better Beans Than One Finds In Italy"
The Atlantic Monthly

"Romancing the Bean"
Café Olé Magazine

"...Caffé D'arte®... Where You Can Experience the Nectar of the Gods"
Bill Gallant, radio talk show host

"His Remarkably Sweet Caffé D'arte® Was Soon a Byword, Consistently Winning Awards"
Coffee Talk Magazine

"A Perfect Cup"
John Hinterberger, Seattle Times

"Caffé D'arte® Certainly Ranks As One of the Elite Few"
Tea and Coffee Trade Journal

"...One of Seattle's Liquid Dispensing Equivalents of Opium Zen"
Elle Magazine

"Keeping the Tradition With Caffé D'arte®"
Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
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