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» About Caffé D'arte
Caffé D'arte is a locally owned coffee roasting company originally started by Mauro Cipolla after he moved to the Northwest from Italy in the 1970's. Mauro missed the aromas of history and culture of Italian roasted coffee that filled every room in every home and bar in Italy. Mauro went back to Italy to learn more about the craft of roasting and blending espresso. In 1985, Mauro started Caffé D'arte to introduce real traditional Italian espresso, blended and roasted coffee. Caffé D'arte blends are now recognized all over America and in many parts of the Far East.

In 1996, Puget Sound's "micro roasters" were pitted against some of the nations top coffee roaster for a "blind tasting" at McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant in Seattle. Participating roasters included: Austin Chase coffee, Boyds Coffee, Caffé Passionate, Lighthouse Roaster, Pegasus coffee, Seattle's Best Coffee, Scorbutus, Torrefying Italia and Fully's coffee. Caffé D'arte won five out of the twelve awards! Caffé D'arte was asked not to compete again but judge in future tastings!

With Caffé D'arte located in the Seattle area, customers received coffee that has been freshly roasted within one to four days from delivery. Caffé D'arte delivers to your home and/or business.

"Everything about Caffé D'arte, from how we purchase unroasted coffee beans to roasting and blending, exemplifies 'traditional' virtues that have a strong claim about coffee through Caffé D'arte."
Mauro Cipolla
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"His Remarkably Sweet Caffé D'arte Was Soon a Byword, Consistently Winning Awards"
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