Italian Regional Espresso Blends

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The beauty of Italy is experienced traveling through its varied countryside; music, art, language, culinary art and architecture all express their unique and relative historical cultures of each rich and distinctive region.

Our Caffe D'arte® espresso blends represent the vivid characteristics of each region. Your taste buds will travel to the places and times of Italy's most famous culinary regions!

We start with the subtle flavors of our Northern Italian regional blend suggestive of Tuscany, then gradually descend through the regions of Campania and Lazio, ending in the extreme South in the spectacular island of Sicily, an island of colorful people who enjoy their heavy-bodied Southern Italian flavors found in our Taormina® espresso blend.

Northern Italian espresso suggests the region of Toscana. Mild, great aroma, sweet and smooth.
Central Italian espresso suggests the region of Lazio. Medium, rich, winy and aromatic
Southern Italian espresso suggests the region of Campania. Medium, dark, hearty, rich and velvety.
Southern Italian espresso suggests the region of Sicilia. Dark, heavy bodied, yet sweet.
Mounds of crema and richness without caffeine.
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