Caffé D'arte® Coffee Academy
Increase Your Business From The Inside Out

Q How do you build a relationship that will bring your customers into your store 2 and 3 times per day?
A Provide the "Total Coffee Experience."

Q What is the "Total Coffee Experience?"
A The "Total Coffee Experience" is made up of three basic elements:
  • The Coffee: The absolute best cup of coffee humanly possible.
  • Knowledge: Learning about the product always enhances the value of the experience.
  • Service: Wrap the coffee and the knowledge as a package deal with great service and you will guarantee long term customer loyalty.
» The Coffee
Once you have selected the finest coffee available it is necessary to insure that the extraction is carried out to perfection. The Coffee Academy classes include hands on training that will provide the needed confidence to produce the specialty espresso beverages at their best. The Coffee Academy provides an opportunity to experience coffee and the process of preparing it in a way that few people are familiar with.

» The Knowledge
The Coffee Academy provides information on several important aspects of coffee. You will learn about the history, the origins and processing of coffee and gain an understanding of what goes into the roasting process. All of this information will be valuable as you educate your customers and build a reputation as someone who truly knows their business. Consumers are more likely to spread the word about your business if you give them something to talk about.

» Service
Excellent service begins with a clear understanding of what the customer wants and expects. The Coffee Academy will provide information that will give you the competitive edge in the services you provide. The quality of the coffee product, and the power of the knowledge you provide will create the "Total Coffee Experience" when combined with outstanding service.
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